Thursday, May 27, 2010

last day, im over this.

Its the last day of school.
Its the last day of High school for me... EVER.
Graduation is this sunday.
I am so freaking ready to get away from all this nonsense drama stupidity that they call high school.
Even my own best friend is making my last day hard,
shes not even talking to me...
-i know im not always the best friend to her, but i was really hopeing that today she would at least show that she will miss me... even alittle.
I'd appoligize to her, but i really dont even know
what to say anymore...

Also, this guy I hardly even know (who likes me a whole LOT) asked me to go to the
Nickelback, Sick Puppies, and Breaking Benjamin concert tonight...

I said yes, because well, who says no to a free concert. HONESTLY?!
But im alittle apprehensive about going, cuz he kind of
creeps me out..
and he thinks it's a DATE.
im not sure how to gently slip it in that its NOT a date.
oh well, hopefully it will be fun, and not too awkward, right?
This day is dragging on forever and honestly I just want it to be DONE

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