Friday, May 7, 2010

baby from the start.

Today fucking sucks.
Its May, and its snowing, also raining, but mostly its SNOWING.
in May. WTF.
So my best friend Josie and I went on a mini shopping trip today, and I got these bad ass candles.
One smells like coffee, and the other smells like cupcakes.
So now my bedroom smells like a bakery. xD
But also on this shopping trip, I purchased an itunes card.
I never do this, but i've been craving some new tunes.
So far all I have downloaded is some of this new (pop) stuff by like, sean kingston, and taio cruz.
-way weird for me... I know!
+Plus note: I also got these bad ass shades that have metallic zebra stripes on the lenses.

Btw, if your and old man and you drive a jeep
its tottaly not ok to not know what side your gas tank is on and
then realize that its on the other side and try to pump gas by pulling
the pump cord all the way across your vehicle...
you look like a fool.
just sayin.

I am so tired of high school bitches.
Their fucking drama is so pointless and old.
"your a bitch, i love you, your a bitch, oh im sorry!"
Today I got fed up with one of my "friends" shit...
basicly end of story - I told her to go to hell.
I am not putting up with shit anymore.
Its not worth it, and I shouldn't have to, its NOT my problem.
I have an art feild trip tomarrow, (on a saterday, wtf i know!)
but i'm excited, its in the twin cities, 3 hours away from where I live.
But i'm mostly excited cuz it is an ART trip,
I really have no idea what I am going to do next year without an ART class.
I will feel so... empty.
I will have to find some free time to get my art in.

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