Wednesday, May 5, 2010

you make me sick.

Being a Senior in High school has been pretty fantastic so far...
untill now, the last few weeks have sucked,
consentration has been at an all time low!
Also No Senior Skip rule went into action monday morning.
translation: any senior missing school that is UNexcused can NOT walk at the graduation ceremony.
So all of us seniors are even more cranky then ever...
The next 3 weeks should really go faster.
So with the money i'm gonna end up getting at my grad party,
I think that i'll go get me another tattoo, or my nose pierced...
because i'm obviously TRYING to piss my parents off before I move out.
-speaking of nose rings...
I honestly cant stand those stupid little tiny studs girls get in their noses.
it's like really, if your going to get it pierced.
show it off.
Which reminds me...
When I went and got my tattoo done.

(my tattoo on my leg ^ )

There was some girl who came in right after me and she was constantly whineing and complaining "i'm so scared, its my first tattoo!" she then looks over at me says it again, and I reply "Yeah its my first one too." Her eyes bug out and get the size of baseballs...
Obviously my tattoo was larger than hers, considering the fact that hers was a peace sign about as big as a fingernail... and my tattoo is bigger than my hand.

-score point for kenzii.


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