Thursday, May 27, 2010

last day, im over this.

Its the last day of school.
Its the last day of High school for me... EVER.
Graduation is this sunday.
I am so freaking ready to get away from all this nonsense drama stupidity that they call high school.
Even my own best friend is making my last day hard,
shes not even talking to me...
-i know im not always the best friend to her, but i was really hopeing that today she would at least show that she will miss me... even alittle.
I'd appoligize to her, but i really dont even know
what to say anymore...

Also, this guy I hardly even know (who likes me a whole LOT) asked me to go to the
Nickelback, Sick Puppies, and Breaking Benjamin concert tonight...

I said yes, because well, who says no to a free concert. HONESTLY?!
But im alittle apprehensive about going, cuz he kind of
creeps me out..
and he thinks it's a DATE.
im not sure how to gently slip it in that its NOT a date.
oh well, hopefully it will be fun, and not too awkward, right?
This day is dragging on forever and honestly I just want it to be DONE

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hehe thanks asshole.

So, im nearly finished with my Callowlily Style painting.
I'm only now working on the details and re-outlining and such.
I am super duper excited to have it finished because I think this is one of my best works.

Graduation is creeping up faster and faster, its amazing.
So far i've gotten 2 graduation cards in the mail with an acumulative of $30.
The money is gonna be pouring in.

Today we took our big class grad picture, everyone had there caps, gowns, and tassles on.
It was strange, happy, scary, and sad.
12 years of school, is almost over.
I've spent most of my life with these kids and its going to be strange to never see some of them again.
( honestly, im going to not mind that so much for some... -__- )

All in all, i've had a fairly good day... up untill 5th block.
I have a school to work class my 5th (last block of the day) so I generally
spend my 5th period painting or at work, and today I was going to paint.
Well I ran into this friend of mine, and he thought it was necessary to mention that....
He ran into my ex... supposedly at a party.

1) dont ever bring up an ex, unless the girl starts it...
2) its so fantastic when somone brings up that your ex was at a party... when the reason you broke up was cuz he was a party type person....

It seems as though people just jump at the chance to bring me down, when im starting to be OKAY.
Its people like that, I wont miss one bit.

+PLUS NOTE: I may be going shopping with Josie and Jesse Thursday after school. Thats something to be super excited for right thurrrr.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


-ouchkibibble=awsome quote from Austin Powers. :]-

But anywho, my reason for OUCHKIBIBBLING...
I decided to take my lip ring out of my monroe for about
an hour, and the hole was so tight that I had to SHOVE it back in.
That is an ouch for sure.
Why, even after almost a year, is it still so tight?

I came to the conclusion that my next tattoo, will be....
(dun dun dun DA!)
Purple stars with lime green outlines, behind my ear.
Behind the ear tattoos are awsome.
They are so sneaky.
They are just like "bam! im a tattoo, sneaking up on your face from behind your ear!"
>>> much like the tattoo in the picture to the right, only different.
Also, my industrial piercing, still hurts.
I would really also like to establish that my newest hobbie, is wearing short derby shorts, a sports bra and a cut off 80s style shirt.
Its great fun.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I just thought that I would share some of my recent music accuirements that I think are totally worth $1.29 on itunes.

Break Your Heart (feat. Ludacris) - Taio Cruz
Eenie Meenie - Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber
Telephone - Lady GaGa & Beyoncé
My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha) - 3OH!3
Revolution - Orange
When I Grow Up - Mayday Parade
I Kissed a Girl - Attack Attack
Umbrella - All Time Low

I dont know what your [you, yes you the readers] music taste is...
But I really think that the recent team up of
Ke$ha & 3OH!3 was a very good thing.

-side note-
I have this box [kinda like a piggy bank, but not]
and I put all my change in it at the end of the day and
so far I have at least $35 dollars.
In the past, once I get near $100, I spend it on pointless crap.
But as of yesterday, I decided that my change box
will now be dubbed as "The Tattoo Fund Box".
Now my useless change has a purpose in its metallic life.
To get Kenzii more skin ink.


Friday, May 7, 2010

baby from the start.

Today fucking sucks.
Its May, and its snowing, also raining, but mostly its SNOWING.
in May. WTF.
So my best friend Josie and I went on a mini shopping trip today, and I got these bad ass candles.
One smells like coffee, and the other smells like cupcakes.
So now my bedroom smells like a bakery. xD
But also on this shopping trip, I purchased an itunes card.
I never do this, but i've been craving some new tunes.
So far all I have downloaded is some of this new (pop) stuff by like, sean kingston, and taio cruz.
-way weird for me... I know!
+Plus note: I also got these bad ass shades that have metallic zebra stripes on the lenses.

Btw, if your and old man and you drive a jeep
its tottaly not ok to not know what side your gas tank is on and
then realize that its on the other side and try to pump gas by pulling
the pump cord all the way across your vehicle...
you look like a fool.
just sayin.

I am so tired of high school bitches.
Their fucking drama is so pointless and old.
"your a bitch, i love you, your a bitch, oh im sorry!"
Today I got fed up with one of my "friends" shit...
basicly end of story - I told her to go to hell.
I am not putting up with shit anymore.
Its not worth it, and I shouldn't have to, its NOT my problem.
I have an art feild trip tomarrow, (on a saterday, wtf i know!)
but i'm excited, its in the twin cities, 3 hours away from where I live.
But i'm mostly excited cuz it is an ART trip,
I really have no idea what I am going to do next year without an ART class.
I will feel so... empty.
I will have to find some free time to get my art in.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

you make me sick.

Being a Senior in High school has been pretty fantastic so far...
untill now, the last few weeks have sucked,
consentration has been at an all time low!
Also No Senior Skip rule went into action monday morning.
translation: any senior missing school that is UNexcused can NOT walk at the graduation ceremony.
So all of us seniors are even more cranky then ever...
The next 3 weeks should really go faster.
So with the money i'm gonna end up getting at my grad party,
I think that i'll go get me another tattoo, or my nose pierced...
because i'm obviously TRYING to piss my parents off before I move out.
-speaking of nose rings...
I honestly cant stand those stupid little tiny studs girls get in their noses.
it's like really, if your going to get it pierced.
show it off.
Which reminds me...
When I went and got my tattoo done.

(my tattoo on my leg ^ )

There was some girl who came in right after me and she was constantly whineing and complaining "i'm so scared, its my first tattoo!" she then looks over at me says it again, and I reply "Yeah its my first one too." Her eyes bug out and get the size of baseballs...
Obviously my tattoo was larger than hers, considering the fact that hers was a peace sign about as big as a fingernail... and my tattoo is bigger than my hand.

-score point for kenzii.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

inspi[hair] me.

So I'm dying my hair...
if you knew me at all this would come as no surprise.
I am going to college for cosmetology in the fall,
and I dye my hair more than some skanks change panties.
But really...
I love dying/cutting/styling my own and other peoples hair.
My hair is Bleach blonde on the top still, but i'm giving myself a Black halo.
What really inspired me to go into cosmetology,
and to dye my own hair.
Is the SCENE trend.
Scene kids have really fucking awsome hair.
You can't even begin to try and tell me that they don't.
The colors, the Styles, the EVERYTHING.
They are all just amazing.
[here are some scene hair styles to try and INSPIRE you]


Also, I'm dying to get my nose pierced...
Graduation is only a month away,
so I know what i'm doing as soon as I graduate


Sunday, May 2, 2010

.I am SO tired.

First i'd like to inform all that friday night I was with my good friends Josie and Jenna and we stayed up till 4 am being compleate retards, then got woken up by her father screaming "HEY, HEY, HEY, GET UP!" at 8 am...
Then I had prom and stayed up till 4 am again, because of post prom.
which is why I am SO tired.

So last night was prom(well duh).
Aside from the fact that people spend WAY too much on dresses and tux's and stuff.
It was alot of fun.
Went to grand march with my pal Audrey.. and watched the couples walk around in their dresses like cattle at an auction...
I cant remember the exact number, but im fairly certain it was over 60 couples...
It took FOREVER.
I'm the type of person who can only sit still for so long, and well that was WAY too long.
But Post prom which lasted from 10pm-3am, was a BLAST.
Played weird games like, minnow races, ping pong, sock-em-rock-em robots, monster ball, got a caricature done of Audrey and I, and got an airbrush tattoo on my chest.
It was crazy fun.

I got pictures taken with my wide range of friends, which vary from the smart kids, to the sports kids, to the mexicans, to the way popular kids who really shouldnt even talk to me.
Im really glad I got pictures with them tho, considering its my Senior year, so I wanna remember everyone who was apart of this amazing year.
Since my camera is stupid and the battery died way early in the night, the rest of the pictures were taken with Audreys camera..
So when she sends me those,
I will get all the pictures posted on here.

So like I said in the beginning of this blog,
I was up till 4 am this morning..
I then slept till 4 pm, and have been continuously dosing off since then
So I am about to go and crash again.