Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hehe thanks asshole.

So, im nearly finished with my Callowlily Style painting.
I'm only now working on the details and re-outlining and such.
I am super duper excited to have it finished because I think this is one of my best works.

Graduation is creeping up faster and faster, its amazing.
So far i've gotten 2 graduation cards in the mail with an acumulative of $30.
The money is gonna be pouring in.

Today we took our big class grad picture, everyone had there caps, gowns, and tassles on.
It was strange, happy, scary, and sad.
12 years of school, is almost over.
I've spent most of my life with these kids and its going to be strange to never see some of them again.
( honestly, im going to not mind that so much for some... -__- )

All in all, i've had a fairly good day... up untill 5th block.
I have a school to work class my 5th (last block of the day) so I generally
spend my 5th period painting or at work, and today I was going to paint.
Well I ran into this friend of mine, and he thought it was necessary to mention that....
He ran into my ex... supposedly at a party.

1) dont ever bring up an ex, unless the girl starts it...
2) its so fantastic when somone brings up that your ex was at a party... when the reason you broke up was cuz he was a party type person....

It seems as though people just jump at the chance to bring me down, when im starting to be OKAY.
Its people like that, I wont miss one bit.

+PLUS NOTE: I may be going shopping with Josie and Jesse Thursday after school. Thats something to be super excited for right thurrrr.


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