Sunday, May 2, 2010

.I am SO tired.

First i'd like to inform all that friday night I was with my good friends Josie and Jenna and we stayed up till 4 am being compleate retards, then got woken up by her father screaming "HEY, HEY, HEY, GET UP!" at 8 am...
Then I had prom and stayed up till 4 am again, because of post prom.
which is why I am SO tired.

So last night was prom(well duh).
Aside from the fact that people spend WAY too much on dresses and tux's and stuff.
It was alot of fun.
Went to grand march with my pal Audrey.. and watched the couples walk around in their dresses like cattle at an auction...
I cant remember the exact number, but im fairly certain it was over 60 couples...
It took FOREVER.
I'm the type of person who can only sit still for so long, and well that was WAY too long.
But Post prom which lasted from 10pm-3am, was a BLAST.
Played weird games like, minnow races, ping pong, sock-em-rock-em robots, monster ball, got a caricature done of Audrey and I, and got an airbrush tattoo on my chest.
It was crazy fun.

I got pictures taken with my wide range of friends, which vary from the smart kids, to the sports kids, to the mexicans, to the way popular kids who really shouldnt even talk to me.
Im really glad I got pictures with them tho, considering its my Senior year, so I wanna remember everyone who was apart of this amazing year.
Since my camera is stupid and the battery died way early in the night, the rest of the pictures were taken with Audreys camera..
So when she sends me those,
I will get all the pictures posted on here.

So like I said in the beginning of this blog,
I was up till 4 am this morning..
I then slept till 4 pm, and have been continuously dosing off since then
So I am about to go and crash again.

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