Tuesday, May 4, 2010

inspi[hair] me.

So I'm dying my hair...
if you knew me at all this would come as no surprise.
I am going to college for cosmetology in the fall,
and I dye my hair more than some skanks change panties.
But really...
I love dying/cutting/styling my own and other peoples hair.
My hair is Bleach blonde on the top still, but i'm giving myself a Black halo.
What really inspired me to go into cosmetology,
and to dye my own hair.
Is the SCENE trend.
Scene kids have really fucking awsome hair.
You can't even begin to try and tell me that they don't.
The colors, the Styles, the EVERYTHING.
They are all just amazing.
[here are some scene hair styles to try and INSPIRE you]


Also, I'm dying to get my nose pierced...
Graduation is only a month away,
so I know what i'm doing as soon as I graduate


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