Sunday, May 9, 2010


I just thought that I would share some of my recent music accuirements that I think are totally worth $1.29 on itunes.

Break Your Heart (feat. Ludacris) - Taio Cruz
Eenie Meenie - Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber
Telephone - Lady GaGa & Beyoncé
My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha) - 3OH!3
Revolution - Orange
When I Grow Up - Mayday Parade
I Kissed a Girl - Attack Attack
Umbrella - All Time Low

I dont know what your [you, yes you the readers] music taste is...
But I really think that the recent team up of
Ke$ha & 3OH!3 was a very good thing.

-side note-
I have this box [kinda like a piggy bank, but not]
and I put all my change in it at the end of the day and
so far I have at least $35 dollars.
In the past, once I get near $100, I spend it on pointless crap.
But as of yesterday, I decided that my change box
will now be dubbed as "The Tattoo Fund Box".
Now my useless change has a purpose in its metallic life.
To get Kenzii more skin ink.


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