Sunday, March 13, 2011

Band guys.

So went to a semi-local show friday night.
Super decent line up.
+With Purity
+Faith Prevails
+The Suit.

I mostly went to see The Suit (<--- them over there!)
who happen to be one of my favorite bands!
After the show, the band members of The Suit,
stuck around to sit and talk and sign stuff for fans.
It was ridiculously cool.
Often times bands are too "famous" to even acknowledge fans.
Not this band.
Heck, one of the guitarist/vocalists (Joel Knipple) sat and talked to my friends and I for like 30 minutes.
Got a picture with him, a bunch of hugs and high fives.
And i got the whole band to sign my hoodie.
If you ever get the chance to see The Suit,
which I whole heartedly recommend you do.
Seriously stick around and take the time to tell these guys how much they rock.
Because they are the coolest people on the planet.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hair School.

I love doing hair, Its something i've always wanted to do.
But honestly, getting motivated every single day to get up and go be at that school 35+ hours a week is ridiculously hard.
I like my school, and I dont have a problem with anyone there (at least not anymore).
Its just draining.
Its great and all that I'll be done with all my schooling in a year
But I have to be there for a year straight...
Seriously after all the clients, the chaos, the mannequins, and the drama,
a break is fricking needed.
A 2 week allowed break from school.
That would be helpful.
But no, no breaks, no holidays, just school.
It sucks.