Friday, April 30, 2010

.she's gonna kill me for this.

Im hanging out with my best Friend Josie, my other best friend Jenna, and their siblings at their fathers Cabin on the lake.
Its fun.
Fun shit.
Josie and Jenna can be alittle frightening at times, like smacking my ass when its unexpected and then dropping their pants and strip dancing in the middle of the room like a fool.
But they are cool.
(btw, shes gonna kill me for posting these xD)
So as you can see, my hair is BLEACH BLONDE....
its taken almost 2 years to get it this color.
and now that I finally have achieved it...
i want to destroy it with black again.
I told this to my mom (with only about 29 days till graduation)
Needless to say, shes terrified to leave me home alone anymore.... because she knows that I have a box of black hair dye in my bedroom.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

.1990s makeup remover sucks.

Today I have spent most of my day sleeping because my face is sore and I am just plain old exhausted.
Because last night I decided to use this make up remover INSTED of just washing my face off with water for once, well bad idea.
The make up remover that we had was from like 1994 or some stupid crap, because my mother dosn't freaking realize that after a certain point in time things do EXPIRE.
My eyes began to itch and water, then it felt like my face was expanding or something.
So I ran to the mirror and my eylids on my right eye had puffed out to make it look like I had a freaking golf ball insted of an eyeball.
Thanks a billion MOM!

On the plus side, when I wasnt sleeping my day away today, I sketched out the outlines for my next art class painting.

Callowlily inspired (also afton inspired, as she introduced me to Callowlily art.)
I'll get a picture of it up on here at sometime soon.
Also, im dying to hear/buy the new Bullet For My Valentine album, so far what i've heard of the song Your Betrayal, I know its gonna rOck

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So my high school prom is this weekend.
I'm a senior and well everyone always says
"its your senior prom, you'll only get to go to it once!"
at first I had realized this and made plans with the boyfriend to go, it was near our 1 year anniversary anyways so it would be twice as special.
  • so i got the dress
  • got books to look at Tuxedos
  • had a great boyfriend as a date
  • had it all planned out


Great boyfriend decided that
"he wasnt ready for this big of a commitment"
and ended it 2 months before prom.
So im left with a dress I wont ever wear and the annoyance of hearing everyone constantly blabing on and on every damn day...
"OMG, are you going to prom? i wanna see your dress!"

Prom is overrated...
at least the dressing up and spending a shit ton of money part.
I am on the other hand going to POST prom, and staying till 3am to win cool prizes and shit...
like Tvs. Wii's. Digital cameras. things of that nature.
I will NOT be wearing that stupid dress, I will be wearing my black and red plaid tutu dress however. :] let the inner rocker-chic shine through on the night of all nights right?

So the main reason for this rant fest about PROM and all its
GlOR[E]Y, was I just finished watching the movie Prom Wars, and its deffinantly worth a watch in my book.