Sunday, October 31, 2010


Pictures of my best friends and I on the night before Halloween.
Me-Ringmaster/Alice in wonderland thing.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Keep it to yourself.

Why is everyone and everything based on your future with someone?
I spent my entire high school years being in
and out of serious relationships.
Thinking and "knowing" that Id be with that
person for "insert long time frame here".
I was taught and told that constantly dating
someone new isn't a good thing, and that you need to
find "the one" and be happy together forever.
Quite frankly i'm tired of it.

Im tired of stressing myself out trying to keep things together and
plan MY life according to the relationship i'm in at the time.
I've bent over backwards time and time again to be with someone
only to fall flat on my god damn ass with no back up plan.
Which then i'm stuck picking up the pieces of my life trying to
figure out where i'm going to go and be up until the next
"mr right steps up" When it came to the last straw, and I finally
get a grip, grow a strong back bone, and decide that i'm going to
live for ME and to worry about myself for awhile, I get scrutinized
and preached at for not having goals or thinking things through.

The second I stop worrying about who I will be married to in the
future people jump down my throat and start saying I have
a "fear of commitment" Excuse me?
Maybe for once i'm committing to myself!
So please...shut your fucking mouth.

Monday, October 11, 2010


This blog today probably has no real reason.
I'm sitting alone in my apartment, bored out of my mind.
So this is the solution. :]

About that "ex-factor" post.
All I really have to report is that he is STILL trying to "win" me over.
He has yet to realize and comprehend that I have changed, and do not enjoy or like the same things I did when we were together.

I've been running around my apartment all morning trying to get things put away and cleaned up and stuff so it stops looking like I just moved in (although I did. haha)
I never realized that you need so much stuff to live on your own.
I never really took into account all the stuff we had at my parents place that just kept the place running.
I mean things as simple as a broom, a dish drainer, and kleenex.

+I also have a cold, so thats been trying to interrupt my life for the last two days.

But so far all in all, aside from being rather bored...
Living on my own is good.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm a big girl now.

I am officially all on my own.
Well sort of.
I moved (most) of my stuff into my first apartment yesterday.
Its still pretty empty and not very *KENZI* yet,
but its a place thats all mine.
It is a pretty great feeling, to be able to do what
you want, when you want, all the time!

My place is pretty small but its perfect for little me :]

Also, I got my nose pierced on tuesday.
Tanks Tattoos GO THERE! =]
Although my nose does hurt a little bit, its nothing
compared to when I got my industrial and my monroe done.
Both other piercings I got done at a place in my local mall.
As a word of advice don't get piercings done in Mall shops,
they aren't nearly as qualified or experienced as tattoo/piercing shops.
Both piercings I got done, reacted badly and I almost had to take them out.

So if your thinking about getting any kind of piercing, go to
a legit place, please.
Same goes for tattoos, don't try any of this "home done tattoo gun" crap.
Its filthy, unsafe, and its almost a 98% guarantee that
your tattoo quality wont be as good as a professional shop.

Thats that!