Monday, October 11, 2010


This blog today probably has no real reason.
I'm sitting alone in my apartment, bored out of my mind.
So this is the solution. :]

About that "ex-factor" post.
All I really have to report is that he is STILL trying to "win" me over.
He has yet to realize and comprehend that I have changed, and do not enjoy or like the same things I did when we were together.

I've been running around my apartment all morning trying to get things put away and cleaned up and stuff so it stops looking like I just moved in (although I did. haha)
I never realized that you need so much stuff to live on your own.
I never really took into account all the stuff we had at my parents place that just kept the place running.
I mean things as simple as a broom, a dish drainer, and kleenex.

+I also have a cold, so thats been trying to interrupt my life for the last two days.

But so far all in all, aside from being rather bored...
Living on my own is good.


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