Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm a big girl now.

I am officially all on my own.
Well sort of.
I moved (most) of my stuff into my first apartment yesterday.
Its still pretty empty and not very *KENZI* yet,
but its a place thats all mine.
It is a pretty great feeling, to be able to do what
you want, when you want, all the time!

My place is pretty small but its perfect for little me :]

Also, I got my nose pierced on tuesday.
Tanks Tattoos GO THERE! =]
Although my nose does hurt a little bit, its nothing
compared to when I got my industrial and my monroe done.
Both other piercings I got done at a place in my local mall.
As a word of advice don't get piercings done in Mall shops,
they aren't nearly as qualified or experienced as tattoo/piercing shops.
Both piercings I got done, reacted badly and I almost had to take them out.

So if your thinking about getting any kind of piercing, go to
a legit place, please.
Same goes for tattoos, don't try any of this "home done tattoo gun" crap.
Its filthy, unsafe, and its almost a 98% guarantee that
your tattoo quality wont be as good as a professional shop.

Thats that!


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