Monday, September 27, 2010

The ex factor.

Everyones favorite topic...
Ex's suck.
I think that is probably a vast understatement.

This blog is going to be a split type of thing.
I will be sharing some of my beef with ex's and the
n my dear friend Josie will give a bit of her input.

The deal with about, 99% of all my ex boyfriends is
they like to shove theirdirty faces back into my business
right when it is most inconvenient for me.I have
had several intrude in my relationships with
current boyfriends,only to have that current boyfriend
turn into what the person was before him.
All my stupid ex's just keep trying to "resolve things"
mostly when its unwanted,and others only to get my
hopes up and be smashed onto the floor yet again.

Kenzi's right. Old boyfriends never cease showing up at all the wrong times. And generally, the only ones that do, are the ones that you don't want to. It's like ... really, why? Why now? What's going to make the difference now ... But then, in rare cases, there is the guy you're hoping, and praying to whatever god you think there is, will find his way back to you. That, I feel, is the biggest disappointment an ex can bring you. Sometimes, I wish I had a dick and no heart ...

That being said, maybe its me just being a little sadistic, (this is Kenzi again btw) but I sometimes enjoy having an ex pop back in... just so you can sit and plot that untimely downfall to hurt them just as bad as they hurt you. But then that damn fucking conscience kicks in and I cant seem to bring myself to stoop to their level.

Fuck you ex's.

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