Thursday, May 13, 2010


-ouchkibibble=awsome quote from Austin Powers. :]-

But anywho, my reason for OUCHKIBIBBLING...
I decided to take my lip ring out of my monroe for about
an hour, and the hole was so tight that I had to SHOVE it back in.
That is an ouch for sure.
Why, even after almost a year, is it still so tight?

I came to the conclusion that my next tattoo, will be....
(dun dun dun DA!)
Purple stars with lime green outlines, behind my ear.
Behind the ear tattoos are awsome.
They are so sneaky.
They are just like "bam! im a tattoo, sneaking up on your face from behind your ear!"
>>> much like the tattoo in the picture to the right, only different.
Also, my industrial piercing, still hurts.
I would really also like to establish that my newest hobbie, is wearing short derby shorts, a sports bra and a cut off 80s style shirt.
Its great fun.

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