Friday, April 30, 2010

.she's gonna kill me for this.

Im hanging out with my best Friend Josie, my other best friend Jenna, and their siblings at their fathers Cabin on the lake.
Its fun.
Fun shit.
Josie and Jenna can be alittle frightening at times, like smacking my ass when its unexpected and then dropping their pants and strip dancing in the middle of the room like a fool.
But they are cool.
(btw, shes gonna kill me for posting these xD)
So as you can see, my hair is BLEACH BLONDE....
its taken almost 2 years to get it this color.
and now that I finally have achieved it...
i want to destroy it with black again.
I told this to my mom (with only about 29 days till graduation)
Needless to say, shes terrified to leave me home alone anymore.... because she knows that I have a box of black hair dye in my bedroom.

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