Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So my high school prom is this weekend.
I'm a senior and well everyone always says
"its your senior prom, you'll only get to go to it once!"
at first I had realized this and made plans with the boyfriend to go, it was near our 1 year anniversary anyways so it would be twice as special.
  • so i got the dress
  • got books to look at Tuxedos
  • had a great boyfriend as a date
  • had it all planned out


Great boyfriend decided that
"he wasnt ready for this big of a commitment"
and ended it 2 months before prom.
So im left with a dress I wont ever wear and the annoyance of hearing everyone constantly blabing on and on every damn day...
"OMG, are you going to prom? i wanna see your dress!"

Prom is overrated...
at least the dressing up and spending a shit ton of money part.
I am on the other hand going to POST prom, and staying till 3am to win cool prizes and shit...
like Tvs. Wii's. Digital cameras. things of that nature.
I will NOT be wearing that stupid dress, I will be wearing my black and red plaid tutu dress however. :] let the inner rocker-chic shine through on the night of all nights right?

So the main reason for this rant fest about PROM and all its
GlOR[E]Y, was I just finished watching the movie Prom Wars, and its deffinantly worth a watch in my book.


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