Thursday, April 29, 2010

.1990s makeup remover sucks.

Today I have spent most of my day sleeping because my face is sore and I am just plain old exhausted.
Because last night I decided to use this make up remover INSTED of just washing my face off with water for once, well bad idea.
The make up remover that we had was from like 1994 or some stupid crap, because my mother dosn't freaking realize that after a certain point in time things do EXPIRE.
My eyes began to itch and water, then it felt like my face was expanding or something.
So I ran to the mirror and my eylids on my right eye had puffed out to make it look like I had a freaking golf ball insted of an eyeball.
Thanks a billion MOM!

On the plus side, when I wasnt sleeping my day away today, I sketched out the outlines for my next art class painting.

Callowlily inspired (also afton inspired, as she introduced me to Callowlily art.)
I'll get a picture of it up on here at sometime soon.
Also, im dying to hear/buy the new Bullet For My Valentine album, so far what i've heard of the song Your Betrayal, I know its gonna rOck

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