Thursday, June 3, 2010

this is my stop.

"Today it's brains, tomarrow it's pierced tongues.
The day after that it's pierced brains." - Jane Lane (daria)

So graduation parties... are a great way to get cash.
Maybe that makes me greedy, or selfish.
I just made mad cash last weekend and it was fantastic.

My tattoo fund box is getting close to $50, or is already at that...
I might just use some of my graduation money...
I'm sick of waiting, i'm craveing some ink and pain.

My aunt got me the entire series of Daria on DVD.
I love it.
Daria, is so twisted and sarcastic it just makes me giggle and smile.
Deffinantly worth looking into.

Not much else... too tired to think of anything else to say.

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