Saturday, June 5, 2010

Three Days [save me]?

I wish you never told meI wish I never knew. I wake up screaming. It’s all because of you
[Scared- Three Days Grace]

Not sure why, but the last few days I have been on a strange
Three Days Grace kick...
I just seem to be craving them lately.
Everytime I have plugged my ipod into my car, or my ihome, or even my headphones...
It's Three Days Grace.

What if I walked without you? What if I ran without you? What if I stand without you? I could not go on. What if I lived without you? What if I loved without you? What if I died without you? I could not go on. You left my side tonight and I, I just don't feel right. But I, I can't let you out of sight. Without you I'm no one, I'm nothing at all
[Without You- Three Days Grace]

I think alot of it has to do with how I have been thinking and feeling lately.
The past few days have been kinda, hard to take.
Nothing new, nothing different...
Just happens to be hard... Hard to stop thinking about him...
*i'm going to kick myself for posting this later....*
I can't stop thinking about him... and how much I miss him.
I know I shouldn't, I have tried hanging out with other people.
I have tried to hate him, I can't bring myself to do it.
It didn't work when I tried to hate him the first time 4 years ago...
and its not working now...

I want so bad to say "I wish that I hadn't wasted so much time on him..."
But I cant say it.
I wish I had wasted more...
I miss him, and no matter how many days go by.
I miss him just as much, if not more than the day before.

Why is it so hard to find someoneWho cares about you?When it's easy enough to find someoneWho looks down on youWhy is it so hard to find someoneWho can keep it together when you've come undone?Why is it so hard to find someoneWho cares about you?
[Someone Who Cares About You- Three Days Grace]

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  1. I'm just warning you, everyone hated me when I listened to nothing but TDG. ..But then again, I literally went a year with only listening to them...
    *hug* i love you.. ^-^