Sunday, August 22, 2010

One crazy night.

So I spend most of my time, with 5 main people...
But I decided to throw caution to the wind,
and expand my horizons.
I hung out with Mike, Tucker, Jade, and Jared.
Dear god that was scary.

My night consisted of...

+a movie called Teeth - about a chick who has teeth in her vag.

+Jared making his sour patch kids have an orgy on my leg -->

+having Jade try to teach me Final Fantasy for PSP.

+having Jade try to teach me how to read Manga. (its complicated!).

+riding in Jareds car, with Tucker driving.

+watching Jareds front tire start on fire.

+going to walmart and having to buy pokemon cards for Tucker, cuz he was too embarissed.

+going to BK and I wrote Mikes phone numer on the girls bathroom stall.
<-- (his number has been blurred to save his dignity)

+having a salt and pepper fight in McDonalds with the Rachels.

+going to see the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
(which was compleatly and utterly epic btw.)

+riding home with them all, raceing the Rachels.

+me writing "Jared has butt sex" on his fogged up back window.

+running around Tuckers back yard at midnight,
with ninja swords.

+running on the road, with flashlights and swords.

+Jared flashing the van with the flashlight.

+having the van stop, turn around and start
looking for what flashed them.

+running, diving in the ditchs and fields
trying to hide from the van.

+getting half way to Tuckers house then
realizing I lost my phone.

+having to call my phone every 2 seconds,
searing the field and road ditches.

+finding my phone by the light pole where
we encountered the van.

+having a battle in the front yard.

+going to town for pop, and sitting on the
baseball diamond bleachers roof.

+rearranging the words on a sign at a church. -->
the sign originally said "you have to wornder about humans, they think god is dead and elvis is alive"
We made it say "you have to wonder about humans they think elvis is dead and god is alive"

it was basicly one of the best nights of my summer.
I am really glad that these boys are so messed up.
it wouldn't of been half the fun it was if they weren't.


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