Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feel the beat.

So it is decided that my favorite feeling in the whole world
(after the burn and pain of tattoos of course)
Is that vibration in your chest from the intense
volume of music at concerts.
I have added another 4 bands to my ever growing list
of shows i've been to.

So far in my life I've had the privilege of seeing...
-The Hush Sound-
-Hawthorne Heights-
-From First to Last-
-All American Rejects-
-Fall Out Boy-
-Dirty Little Rabbits-
-The Birthday Massacre-
-Mindless Self Indulgence-
-These Hearts-
-Sick Puppies-
-Breaking Benjamin-
-Southern Belle-
-Down With Webster-

Being able to see and witness the absolute energy and
passion bands have on stage is positively enchanting.
Concert Merch is always pretty sweet too. =]

^Down With Webster Tee, 3OH!3 hoodie.

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