Friday, July 16, 2010


Okay so I havn't posted anything in FOREVER.
Been up to quite alot the past few weeks.
+been working my ass off.
+been shopping
+been spending time with people [really rare thing I never do!]
+actually working on loseing this stupid weight
+painting and drawing more
+been swiming, more this summer than any in the last 5 years.

so yeah. My life has been crazy busy as of late.
I'm hopeing to use some of my graduation money to invest in a new laptop...
well actually I want a macbook...
mom however dosn't have a clue about comeputers
and cant seem to comprehend why I would want such
an overly expensive laptop.

Not a whole lot on my mind...
good news is I FINALLY got a new phone and am able to send and recive picture texts now. :]

Woot for that!

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